Dream Closets

Dream Closets

Custom Closet Solutions can easily strike a balance between style and function, to create a reach-in or walk-in closet of your dreams.  Imagine a closet with plenty of room for all your hanging clothes, shoes and folded items.  There are many accessories to choose from:  valets, tie racks, shoe fences, belt racks, jewelry trays, and so much more.

 We offer beautiful design solutions that are customizable to fit any space,  will meet all your needs,  and can often be installed in less than a day.

 We would welcome the opportunity to design and build a fabulous walk-in or reach-in closet that is sure to make a statement and organize your life, all at the same time!

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10 Tips for designing  and organizing your dream closet

 A well designed closet should be functional as well as beautiful.  Getting ready on a morning should not end in frustration, and clothes and accessories should be easy to find.  Having a closet system will take the stress out of finding what to wear.

 The following tips will help design and organize your new closet and your life!

  1. Spring cleaning isn't just for spring.  The first step in organizing your closet is going through your existing wardrobe and clearing out clothes you haven't worn in a year.  Going through your wardrobe will help de-clutter your closet and make it easier for you to find the clothes you do wear.  Also, take out things that aren't clothing or accessories.  If it's not going to help you dress on a day, then it probably doesn't belong in your closet.
  2. Two rods are better than one.  By stacking rods one above the other, it allows for twice the hanging space.  You can choose to hang bulky winter clothes on the bottom, while the top rod stores all your summer wear.
  3. Shelves for display and function.  Shelves serve a great purpose when it comes to clothes that won't wrinkle and can be folded, and for displaying shoes and accessories.  Jeans and knits can be neatly put away and easily found, and seasonal items stored up and out of the way.  Shelves will hold many items, opening up valuable hanging space.
  4. Drawers for additional storage.  Drawers can be used to store personal items and jewelry.  They can be easily incorporated into the design of your new closet if you have a small bedroom and wish to use drawers  to replace a free standing dresser in your room.  Drawer accessories can be added to neatly sort your items.
  5. Good lighting is a prerequisite.  Not only will it help you to avoid colour confusion, but it can turn a mediocre closet to one with style.  Adding a chandelier will transform your closet and provide you with perfect lighting.  A chandelier that is hung several inches from the ceiling and lights upward will give a balanced light, instead of a light that is cast down on you and puts shadows on your clothes.  Also bear in mind that fluorescent lighting gives off a cold, white light....not at all flattering.
  6. Accessories you don't wear.  There are many closet accessories to choose from, and all serve a purpose.  You can choose from tie racks, jewelry trays, slide-out belt or pant racks, shoe shelves, wire baskets (with or without liners), valet poles, and drawer or hosiery dividers--all will help bring order to your life.
  7. Add personality to your closet.  When designing your closet space, remember to leave room for hanging artwork or pictures.  They will help add a personal touch to your space.
  8. A comfortable seat.  If space allows, adding a beautiful chair, small seat or pouf will make putting on shoes much easier.  It will also make your closet feel more like a room.
  9. Baskets of all sizes.  Baskets are also a great way to express your decorative style.  There are many to choose from.  You can add durable wire baskets on smooth glides to make it easy to select or put away your items.  Whatever the preference, baskets are a functional way to store things you wish to keep out of sight.
  10. Mirrors.  A full length mirror is the final touch to any closet.  The last thing you will do before exiting is to take a last look to make sure you are well dressed and ready to go.

We would be happy to help you design your dream closet, keeping your storage needs in mind.  Call us at (519) 473-9122 for a free consultation and estimate.

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