Foyer or Mudroom

Foyer or Mudroom Built-in Units

The foyer is the first room visitors see when they enter your home.  A foyer or mudroom can easily look cluttered and in disarray, with piles of shoes, school bags, hats, mitts, and the list goes on.

 At Custom Closet Solutions, we can help organize  your life by designing a unit that will sort and store your items--keeping it all off the floor and tucked neatly out of the way.

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Tips For Your Mudroom or Foyer Built-in Storage Unit

The foyer or mudroom can easily turn into a "drop zone".  When designing your built-in, first assess your inventory and, if space allows, give each family member a dedicated area.  You can optimize the storage unit to address your specific concerns, depending on what you can fit in your room.

  • First thing to consider for your new built-in is what colour laminate will compliment the rest of your home, i.e. your floor, wood trim, or furniture pieces--we have many colours to choose from.
  • Adding a shelf to incorporate a recharging station for family digital devices will help eliminate clutter. Shelves can be used to store handbags, hats, baskets, and the list of uses goes on.
  • A built in bench, whether it is padded or not, provides a comfortable place to sit and slip your shoes off or on. A bench can easily be designed and built into the unit.
  • Pull out drawers at the bottom of the unit can be used to store mitts, scarves or keep shoes neatly out of the way. Depending on the size of the space, shoe shelves can also be built into the design.
  • Hooks can be integrated into your built-in for hanging jackets, hats, keys and bags.   In addition to hooks, tall cabinets are useful for hanging jackets and sweaters, and keeping them neat and out of sight.  
  • When designing your built-in, consider the other members of the family. A drawer or cubby for pet food, a leash and other paraphernalia will help keep the entry to your home clutter free.

We would welcome the opportunity to arrange an appointment for a free in-home consultation, to discuss your storage needs and provide you with an estimate.   Please call (519) 473-9122.


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