Pantry Built-in Unit

If a pantry is messy, the search for food can end in frustration.  Organizing your kitchen can offer big returns, especially when it comes to efficiency. 

 Custom Closet Solutions can help you end the frustration and organize your kitchen so that all your tools and ingredients are easy to find!

 We offer beautiful solutions that are affordable, well designed and built to meet your storage needs. 

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Design Tips For Your Kitchen Pantry Built-in Storage Unit 

Whether you love to cook or not, a well designed kitchen pantry can take the frustration out of finding food items necessary to complete your meal.  We have a wide choice of accessories and storage solutions.  Consider the following when designing your perfect pantry.

  •  When designing your space, bear in mind that the things children help themselves to, should be stored within their reach. It's important to place shelves in the middle of the pantry for them to access their favorite food items.
  • Adding a pull-out spice rack to your built-in unit will make things much easier when it comes to looking for your favorite seasonings.
  • Slide-out baskets are a perfect way to keep produce fresh and within easy reach. We recommend placing one or two baskets at the bottom of your built-in unit.
  • Wicker or colourful baskets are an inexpensive way to help organize and add style to your pantry.  They can be used to store produce, or for items you wish to keep out of sight.
  • If you love to bake, a slide out drawer will help store your mixer. It can also be used to store other small kitchen appliances, food containers or cans.
  • If space allows, a couple of built in drawers with handles can add style and function to your pantry. It can be handy for storing your favorite kitchen linen, as well as serve many other uses.
  • Vertical tray dividers help keep your baking sheets and racks neatly organized and handy when needed. They can easily be placed at the top or bottom of the pantry unit.
  • Wine racks and stemware holders can be incorporated into your design to display your collection and entertain with ease.

 Once you have your beautiful built-in, remember to go through it once a year and throw out food or expired ingredients.  This will help maintain and organize your unit.

We would love to help you design your perfect kitchen pantry.  Please call for a free consultation at  (519) 473-9122.

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